Friday, March 27, 2015

Hey there!

I am following this website on instagram and I adore Teo Zirinis’ works. Then I came across with this image one day. So I decided to use it as an introduction of “used to” with my 5th graders. I showed this picture on the board asked them what they see. Obviously they saw a ghost. We called it “she”  I asked them about “used to”. “Is she alive? – No. / Can she be somebody? –No.” And they wrote some sentences about her previous life using “used to” like “She used to    live in Paris. / She used to be a waitress.” 

Then I went on giving some more examples about my own life. After that they gave some more examples about themselves to their partners. We discussed who in the classroom had the most interesting life- because some of my kids are really creative =) Then I concluded with a handout on the subject.

They loved the picture and the fact that they had a chance to find out what “used to” means by themselves.

You can check Teo Zirinis' works on his web site.  You can order his drawings as t-shirts or art prints!