Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Book Review

Again with my 3rd graders =)

We decided to write a book review after we read a few books. I searched online to find a proper template for my kids to write on, but I left with nothing in my hands. Thus, I tried to create my own book review template. It is not perfect, but it worked in the class. I will keep trying anyway=)

I used Microsoft Word for it. I found an image of an open book on Google images and copied and paste it on a blank page. Then with the help of "add text" box, I wrote "First, Next, Then, Last", which they have learnt recently. Then, along with their and the book's names,  I added some stars so that they could rate their books. 

It went well in the class since a great amount of them chose to create their own books, which is totally fine by me. 

Here is the photo of my template a couple of examples from my kids: 

You can download the template from here :

Hope you'll like it !