Wednesday, November 18, 2015

QR Code? In Homework? {And There is a Bonus!}

Most of my kids complain about how much homework they have. The world is really difficult for them. They have so much to do. How will they manage to finish all the homework? Moreover, doing homework is dull!

With these in mind, to juice up the homework (both for me and my kids) I decided to use QR Code in the homework. I wrote a reading passage about an Indian festival (I basically simplified a text I came across in a website that I mentioned in one of my previous blogs.) There is a video about that festival and not only did I write the link, but also I put the qr code of it. The reaction from the kids was quite nice. They really enjoyed it and they said it was fun to use the ‘QR Code Reader’ in their phones not for “silly website” (as one of them puts it), but for homework.

You can type “qr code generator” on google and come up with many websites, but I prefer this one. Just copy and paste the website that you want your kids to see and save the image. Then copy and paste that image wherever you want =)


I love riddles and tongue twisters and I love putting them at the end of each homework sheet. I use this website to write the riddle or tongue twister and the kids can see the answer or conundrum by using their phone. You just write whatever you want, and the website creates URL. You can write 30.000 characters.

 If you think you don’t have enough time in the classroom, you can also use it to give the answers, so the kids can check their homework by themselves.

In this way I’ve concluded that even the ones who do not like doing homework are excited. They wait for the next riddle/ tongue twister.

You can find a sample homework here =)