Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Make Your Own Certificate ^.^

I’m sure every teacher has a difficult class. The one who resists your creative ways, the one that has that student who doesn’t find your activities enjoyable.

But every student loves to be praised!

My 4th graders, as well, need to be praised every now and then. They need to be pushed to speak English, otherwise they tend to turn to their mother tongue. To have them speak I give them stickers every time they make a full, proper sentence. And wait... If you get 10 stickers, you get a certificate!

To congratulate them, I prepare a certificate and print it on a certificate paper (to make it thick and look more realistic) and it works. They are, now, in a competition with each other (though there is no one winner). 

In this website you can upload your own pictures or choose from the library that the website has. You can write whatever you want on it. You can find an example below. 

I write the student's name with a board marker.  (I'm thinking about preparing one for my friends, as well. =))