Sunday, March 20, 2016

Looking For Fun Online Tools? Come In!

Every teacher and parent know that kids love their I-Pads and computers. I know some kids who do not go to bed because of playing games constantly. So, here are some tools for our kids (and us) to have fun and learn at the same time. These can also be used inside the classroom.

Sesame Street: Who doesn’t like Sesame Street characters?  You can find videos, games and… wait for it….  an art maker!

PBS kids: This tool allows parents to take a part, as well. Not only can your kids play games according to their level, but also   they can write stories. Plus, they can attend the story telling competition. It has an app, as well, so than your kids can use it anywhere they go.

Funbrain: This is a tool for both learning English and Maths. How cool is that! It has different sections including reading, games, maths and playground. You can find some grammar games for all levels. Last but not least Wimpy Kid is here, too. I’m sure your kids like him very much. My 5th graders adore him! So, you can study how to write a journal with this.

Funbrainjr: This is for younger kids. This tool has not only games where you can get stickers, but also stories to read. And hey teachers! Surprise Surprise! It has a tool for printables.

Knowledge Kids: This tool helps you and your kids have fun while playing games online. It also includes fun videos.

Nickjr: In this one there are some amazing games and videos though some videos are unable to be watched in my country (I know!)