Thursday, June 2, 2016


I love poems! 
Especially if it's the end of the school year, 
and everybody is tired, 
and nobody wants to do a thing. 
I love poems!
Because who doesn't?
To read it out loud
To act it out
Is to me everything.

So, here I am talking about poems and have already written a poem =) Obviously, today I'm going to share some good poem to be read inside the classroom.

1. How to Eat A Poem: This one is a highly short one. You can discuss what this is about, what it is and how they feel after reading. ( 

2. Apple Picking: I studied American Literature at university and Robert Frost was one of my favourite poets. This ne comes from him. You can read and mime!

3. Hope: Of course Emily Dickinson is another favourite of mine.  

4. What is Pink? : Nice one to question the universe.  

5. Whole Duty of Children: If you want to talk about behaviours and duties, this poem might be a good start.  

6. Two Little Kittens: If you want to do some grammar revision and maybe some act out, this one is great!  

7. There was A Naughty Boy: This one comes from John Keats to all the naughty children out there =) 

8. The Rainbow: Christina Rosetti shared her ideas on a rainbow. Would you like to share them with your kids? 

9. Humpty Dumpty's Song: Of course one cannot forget Lewis Caroll. There is a plenty of poems, but I chose this one. 

10.  Catch A little Rhyme:  one again comes from Eve Merriam. I really love it as it is wonderful to recite and act out. 

Hope you'll enjoy reading!