Thursday, May 7, 2015

Grammar Revision with Pictures

Hey Hey!

Have you heard It is a great website to follow and I have been following it on my Facebook. A few days ago I came across with this news that is about "astonished animals". As a teacher I cannot "just" read news -or listen to music- , but I look at everything as a lesson material. So, when I saw the "astonished animals", I wondered why. Then I thought that I could use these pictures as a tool for creative writing as well as grammar revision. 

Here are some ways that I came up with to use these lovely animals:

* You can ask why these animals look like this. What have they seen? And they can describe the vision through the animal's eyes including where they are etc.

* You can revise Present Perfect Tense by making some sentences such as "The koala has seen an alien."

* You can revise modals either in past or present: "The koala might have seen an alien and he must have been frightened." 

* You can revise if clause: "If the koala saw/ had seen an alien, he would/ would have run away, so he can't have seen an alien." Or as the teacher you can ask "If you were this animal in the forest and got frightened, what would you do?"

If I can come up with any other idea, I'll add to the list ^.^