Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Today I had one of my weirdest lessons ever! 

We were about to finish the last book of this year with my 3rd graders -that is "The Clever Woman" by Herbert Puchta- and the last activity was about Ireland. In that activity there was some basic information about Ireland such as the capital and the population. Also some of the famous music bands were included-and one of them was The Cranberries !

I had a casette of The Cranberries when I was in secondary school and I was constantly listening to it. They were already worn out at that time so I could never imagine that a 9-year-old girl would hear their music.

However, this girl smiled when I said the name: The Cranberries! I was trying to figure out how she heard them when she started to sing "Zombie". Oh I wasn't expecting that!

Then -not to anybody's surprise-  it spread like wildfire and all my kids were insisting on listening to the song. I had nothing else to do but to except.

On youtube I found a video with lyrics since I was not sure to show the original video. Before playing the song I explained that this song is a rock song which means that it might sound different; so no need to worry. If they hadn't liked it, I would have turned it off. But, the moment the song started, all of them also started to sing it by following the lines. I was  dazzled because I thought they wouldn't have liked it. 

Moreover, we've been doing Present Continuous Tense recently, and while listening to the song I found out that there is Present Continuous Tense in it! Out of the blue my lesson was turning into a new one. When the song finished I asked if anybody had any idea on the content of the song. Of course nobody thought about that. I said it is about war so is it a happy song? No, it is sad Ms Aysu =)

Then we talked about the tense that was used in the lyrics. e.g.: "In your head they are fighting." I asked when they are fighting? Is it past? I didn't go further as I already planned and prepared another song for them. I will share it soon.

Then they wanted to listen to it again and I said if they would be quiet. And they did and they got the song in the last 5 minutes.

So, this made me think : Why do we always keep using children's song instead of "real songs"? I never listened to songs for children when I was 9 or 10. I was listening to what my 9-year-older brother was listening. 

Here is the link to the video:

P.S.: I couldn’t escape from the question though: “Why is their name a fruit?” I have no idea=)