Monday, June 1, 2015

Here Is A Poem / Like A Little Foam


Here is a poem that you can read and maybe memorise with your kids during the last days of school! Lessons are about to be finished and kids are already drifting away from you; but no worries! Keep calm and read a poem.There are lots of poems online but I like this one a lot. 

You can read and learn it by heart while your kids are practising English in a fun way. Your kids can act it out. Then you can discuss in terms of feelings or the characters in the poem. Then you can talk about other rhyming words that they know and in groups or pairs they can write a new one!

Hope you'll enjoy reading it:

Catch a Little Rhyme
BY Eve Merrıam

     Once upon a time
     I caught a little rhyme

  I set it on the floor
  but it ran right out the door

     I chased it on my bicycle 
     but it melted to an icicle

  I scooped it up in my hat
  but it turned into a cat

     I caught it by the tail
     but it stretched into a whale

  I followed it in a boat
  but it changed into a goat

      When I fed it tin and paper
      it became a tall skyscraper

  Then it grew into a kite
  and flew far out of sight ...