Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Singing Under A Yellow Lemon Tree

When I see my kids also love the songs that I use during my lessons, I become so pleased -of course. I love it when they sing them even during breaks.

Recently, with my 3rd graders we have talked about present continuous tense and I used "Lemon Tree" by Fool's Garden. Not only has the song got a story, but also the music is fun. I gave them a handout where they can complete the blanks using the target tense. I used my Microsof Word magic and write the necessary verbs inside a leaf =)

Before listening to the song, they try to guess what the blanks might be and some of them guessed correctly. Then we listened, but it took 3 times for them to complete successfully. I remembered my CELTA teacher saying "Students can listen even 20 times! Play the song as many times as they can fully understand." Then we talked about it. 

-When is he sitting?

-What is the weather like?

-Is he happy? Why/not?

-Is this a happy song?

-What does he need to be happy? (you can add more)

Then we watched an animated video with lyrics, but there is a mistake in the video. So I asked them to find the mistake -if they can, one sticker is waiting for them. If you can, you can also have your sticker =)

Here is the video:

And here you can download the PDF form of this handout: