Monday, October 17, 2016

Exit Slips

Hey hey!

It has been a long time -at least for me- since the last time I posted. In the meantime, some things have changed in my life. And the biggest one is: I am no longer a teacher (sad face). Now I work as an educational consultant for a publishing company, which means I get to work with teachers, rather than the students -whom I miss a lot. That's a whole new page for me and I am totally excited!

With that said, I can move on today's topic: Exit Slips!

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I love the idea to assess students, but I am not a big fan of exams. So, exit slips come in handy. You can use them either at the end of each lesson, or at the end of each week - or whenever! These are easy and loved by students. The idea is that students write their opinions about the lesson/topic/subject they have been doing, and the teacher can assess what or how much they have learnt. Not only can the teachers, but also the students reflect upon themselves. These also help students think critically. Let’s look at some ideas on how to adapt them in classroom below.

Students can:

  •  write what they knew already before the lesson
  • write 3 things that are new to them after the lesson.
  • imagine one of their classmates couldn't attend this week's lessons and write to that friend what s/he should know for the next one.
  • write 3 questions about the topic/lesson,
  • rate the lesson out of 10 according to their level of understanding.
  • draw an emoji that best describes their feeling about the week/lesson/topic.
  • tweet about it.
  • prepare their own test about it.
  • write about what they would do differently in 1 sentence.
  • write the reason why s/he has had that particular topic that day/week.
  • write a note/short letter to the future student of that class warning them about what they will see in the lesson
To adapt them in the classroom, you may have a wall where they can stick the post-it notes or you can prepare a hand out in which they can hand in to you. The best part of it is that it is done anonymously. In this way, every student can feel comfortable. With younger kids, this can be turned into a game at the end if the lesson. The teacher can divide the class into 3 corners where each one has a name : GOT IT / ALMOST GOT IT / NEED SUPPORT, so that they can run to the corner according to how they feel about the lesson.

You can see more ideas in this pinterest link if you are interested.

Hope you’ll enjoy yourselves! =)