Sunday, August 13, 2017

Who doesn't like flashcards, right? -A Quick Look At Some Flashcard Games-


I have been away from my blog for quite some time, but not been away from teaching, learning and sharing. 

I will be working with some private school teachers this week, and I added some flashcard games not only to add some movement, but also to have fun!

I personally love flashcards, and I'm sure so do many students -and teachers. I am sharing 3 most loved -by me- flashcard games. Hope you'll like them, too.
The Robot Dance

Needs: Flashcards and glue tag

For this game hang the flashcards around the room, and then ask one student (you can ask for more if you like) to 
come to the front. This student will be a robot who cannot talk or decide anything on his/her own, but 
            can only follow the directions. For this one, you can choose a student who needs some support or who is shy to talk. Then, say one of the words in the flashcards, and the students give directions to the chosen student, who is also a robot,  such as “Go right, turn back etc.” This way, they will be able to revise directions as well as the target vocabulary. You can divide the classroom into two and play the game by giving points for every correct answers. This one is really fun and inclusive for all the students in the class.

The Basket Game

Needs: Flashcards, a basket and two balls

Place the flashcards that you would like to review in two rows on the floor. Divide the students in two, so that every group can stand behind one row of flashcards. Then say one of the words to group one, and the first student jumps to that card and says the word.  If the word is correct, the student has the chance to throw the ball into the basket. If s/he scores, the group gets the point. If not, the other steals the point even though the answer is correct.

The Bottle Game

Needs: Flashcards and a bottle

Ask  the students to sit on the floor and make a circle. Then place the flashcards in front of the students to make an inner circle. If you don’t have enough space, you can divide the students into groups and do the same, but this time you’ll need more bottles =) Then, turn the bottle and wait. The student  that the bottom part of the bottle points to says the word the teacher 
asks. You can play this game with very young learners, too.  You must remember this game from your childhood,it was called “Truth and Dare” =)  You can extend the game by asking the students to make a sentence with the word, depending on the level.

 Note: The pictures are from google images.